Nexus is a Group Enterprise comprising of the Nexus Clinical Research Organization, Nexus Central Laboratory Services and Nexus Clinical Research Institute. The NexusGROUP was launched in the late 1995 by a cohort of experts headed by Dr. Amit Bhatt, President & CEO, NexusGROUP Enterprise with a conservative investment of capital and a galactic investment of intellectual property for meliorating the nurtured seed of his vision into what the NexusGROUP is today and will be tomorrow.

To be very true to its name, “NexusCRO”, the major enterprise of the NexusGROUP, provides an abysmal spectrum of clinical trial capabilities including pediatric and adult outpatient, as well as inpatient studies and offers a continuum of services encompassing all stages of clinical development, from preclinical to Phase-I / Phase-IV clinical trials for all kind of diseased populations, which also includes special patient populations. They have the facilities and prowess to assist in the development of products in the shortest time span without compromising the quality standards of ICH-GCP. NexusCRO continually endeavors to provide services at a high standard of quality, delivered on time and at cost effective budgets.

Nexus Central Laboratory Services, (NexusCLS) is a fully functional unit with all the latest equipments. It is a laboratory with associated highly sophisticated molecular diagnostic facilities of performing virtual Genotyping and Phenotyping of HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B virus including viral load estimations by RT-PCR method. NexusCLS undertakes Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of molecules like Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Mycophenolic Acid (MPA), Mycophenolic Morfetil (MMF), Cyclosporine, Everolimus (Certican) etc. They are capable of undertaking any analytical challenge for Pharmaceutical and non-Pharmaceutical industry. NexusCLS has the capability of performing chromosomal analysis for various disease indications, like chromosomal aberration, defective gene identification and quantification by using latest technology of RT-PCR, which is 100% specific and sensitive and also accredited for the use in molecular diagnostic research. The premier pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Zydus Cadila, Marinus (Germany), Intas Pharma, Panacea Biotec, PRA International USA, Emcure, Wockhardt and many more have consociated with them for numerous projects for providing post marketing support for analysis of blood samples for patients’ undergone renal and hepatic transplants. A new laboratory is coming up which would have its infrastructure spread over 0.1 million sq. ft. area. It is proposed to be an ultra sophisticated, state-of-the-art, Nano technology facility providing Research Sanctuary. It would also constitute a development centre. This centre will endow higher scientific education and technology transfer facility in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Dr. Amit Bhatt, President & CEO, NexusGROUP has shown keen apprehension towards the sluggish growth of our industry due to few misinterpreted notions about the capabilities of the Indian scientists and clinical investigators. He also says, “We are proud to distinguish our country with a diversified concatenation of researchers and a pool of database required for a good conduct of clinical practice and scientific experiments. I am enraptured to see the rising and expeditiously drifting peak of the experience and research capabilities, which makes our nation; listed as one of the best rendezvous for the conduct of Scientific and Clinical Research. Further, on behalf of the Indian Clinical Research Industry, I am very thankful to our Government for restructuring the agile process for the evaluation of the scientific documents and their approvals to enable the industry to meet the set timelines. This would in turn help the R&D process to evolve more and more new promising molecules to give a unique identification to our country as a Clinical Research Hub Globally.”

The NexusGROUP has also envisaged adding new entities to its conglomerate with robust global expansion plan. The Group is in the process of acquisition of CRO’s and healthcare companies in The European Union, USA, South America and the Asia Pacific too. The NexusGROUP is also coming up with Nexus Site Management Organization (NexusSMO) and also with Nexus Clinical Data Management (NexusCDM). The NexusGROUP plans to invest US$30million in the domestic research capability and US$60million for international expansion to cater the demand of global research industry without compromising on quality and integrity of R&D.