NexusCRO provides a range of integrated services that cover the planning, management, execution and analysis of Phase I – IV trials.

NexusCRO's fastest-growing therapeutic area and testament to our success in conducting oncology clinical trials.

NexusCRO's experience in cardiovascular trials is supported by a global team of cardiovascular experts.

NexusCRO will be able to advise sponsors exactly how many patients match their clinical trial criteria.


All assays and methods are validated according to US-FDA guidelines. In addition to providing support for in-house clinical pharmacology activities, our bioanalytical unit also routinely provides support for clinical studies conducted at other sites.

Our Services:

  • Quantitative analysis of parent drugs and their metabolites in a variety of biological matrices
  • Develop/validate new assays
  • Implement/validate client’s own assay
  • Analysis of enantiomeric drugs components
  • Support external pharmacokinetic studies