NexusCRO provides a range of integrated services that cover the planning, management, execution and analysis of Phase I – IV trials.

NexusCRO's fastest-growing therapeutic area and testament to our success in conducting oncology clinical trials.

NexusCRO's experience in cardiovascular trials is supported by a global team of cardiovascular experts.

NexusCRO will be able to advise sponsors exactly how many patients match their clinical trial criteria.

Feasibility Studies and Site Management

A thorough feasibility and site selection is the basis of any successful clinical trial. Our feasibility group has worked on virtually every therapeutic area. Our study feasibility assessment process is efficient and is capable of identifying the best investigative sites to conduct a clinical trial. Our custom designed feasibility questionnaires and tested processes are effective in predicting site success in implementing a given clinical trial.

The feasibility group works with clients to identify qualified principal investigators quickly from its site database, our experience, site reputation, and where appropriate, a site feasibility visit.

Feasibility and selection of sites :

  • Maintaining Investigator database.
  • Site infrastructure to meet study specification.
  • Investigator's qualification, interest, experience and prior ICH-GCP trainings.
  • Availability of site staff with adequate qualification and experience (ICH-GCP trained).
  • Previous experience in similar clinical studies.
  • Recruitment & retention in prior clinical trials.
  • Trial-required facilities such as laboratories and pharmacies.
  • Trial-specific equipment e.g. measuring and imaging .
  • Additional sponsor requirements.